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Construction Site Inspection: essential information 

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It is important to remember that site inspections are not a ‘box-ticking exercise’ and they are not designed to interfere with your work or how you do it, but to help mitigate risks and ensure the health and safety of everybody on site.  

Typically, in-person site visits will occur before, during and following the completion of a project, and will consist of a detailed property checklist, ensuring that specific compliance is achieved at every step.  

Here, we delve into construction site inspections, the different types, when they occur and what to expect.  

Types of site inspection 

Progress Inspection 

During the planning phase of a project, an inspection checklist is important in order to fully comply with the project requirements. Once a project commences, regular progress inspections become part of the site’s daily agenda to guarantee that the requirements are met.  

Quality Inspection 

Typically undertaken once part of a project is completed, quality inspections ensure that the work has met the quality standards and specifications that are required, in compliance with the contract. Quality inspections include regular walk-throughs and form part of a monthly quality report, identifying any issues whilst monitoring progress.  

When do construction site inspections occur?  


A pre-construction inspection is needed to survey the existing property condition and surrounding areas before a project commences. This could involve checking planning permissions and working conditions of the site, ensuring that it is in compliance with local authorities and the work can go ahead.  
During the project 

Inspections are carried out more frequently whilst a project is underway. Checks will be undertaken into the scope of the project, budget requirements as well as progress checks in regards to health and safety conditions.  

Project completion 

Once the project is complete a final inspection usually consists of a full site walkthrough, verifying that the project has been completed in accordance with the agreed contract, and that the site is clear for public entry.  

Once this has been done, the building or site is deemed fit for purpose and is ready to be occupied.  

Construction site inspection: checklist 

A typical construction site inspection will contain the following:  

1. In-person site visit 

2. Detailed property checklist 

3. Comprehensive property photographs 

4. Complete findings report 

An example of a site inspection checklist can be accessed here.  

Our team are on hand to answer any questions regarding site inspections and how to prepare. For more information, please contact us on 01792 323404 or submit your enquiry here: .