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Our stellar aftercare services

Health and Safety Consultants

Here at CoreGenic, we pride ourselves on offering unrivalled aftercare support that involves regular client meetings, sharing expertise through in-house training, and we will regularly refer clients’ services to others through our BNI community.  

Our frequent client visits allow for the development of personal relationships and an opportunity to share our industry knowledge and expertise. Additionally, we are on hand to answer any health and safety queries, and the in-house training we provide for staff ensures that they can instil the correct health and safety practices moving forward.

The on-site safety training is convenient, managed in a timely manner, and more cost-effective than sending staff away on outside training courses. 

Going above and beyond for our clients does not stop there, we connect our clients with each other and recommend their services to others, expanding the CoreGenic community that fosters a mutually beneficial relationship.  

BNI is an international networking body that promotes the referral of services to those involved, and this has recently benefited our client, AGA Heritage. We recommended his building conservation and restoration services to architects, structural engineers and surveyors who are in our BNI network.  

Angelo Aviles, Managing Director of AGA Heritage, said: 

“I cannot thank the team at CoreGenic enough for their help and guidance on health and safety processes, and the aftercare service they provide is so valuable for companies without a dedicated health and safety department. Cherie and the team have allowed me to concentrate on my business while they handle the health and safety aspect.”  

We love hearing feedback from our clients in order to continually improve our processes and ensure we are delivering the best service possible. Our dedication to helping businesses thrive, in addition to aiding in implementing and improving health and safety systems, has been reinforced by our client base.  

Angela Windsor, Managing Director at Print Inc, said: 

“We have been working with CoreGenic as out outsource H&S department for the past 2 years, and they have been second to none. Enquiries are responded to promptly and without delay.  

As a small business, it is such an asset to the company having the Services, knowledge and experience of Cherie and CoreGenic. We can’t recommend them enough.”  

Simon James Bruton
, Senior Account Manager/Projects Team Manager at Greenway Facilities Services, said:  

“I have found the service provided by Cherie and the CoreGenic team to be invaluable to Greenway and our clients. CoreGenic are always on hand for guidance on all H&S Matters in a timely fashion and have helped Greenway develop as a business with our esteemed clients over our last 3 years.  

“We continue to develop the working partnership and the information provided is always constructive and up to date regarding all matters involved in the service we provide to our clients.”  


We offer a range of expert services to support the health and safety compliance of your organisation such as consultations, audits, project and site management, training and more.    

 Get in touch to find out how we can help your business today, or call us on 01792 323404. 

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