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Supporting the ABF The Soldiers Charity by tackling the 100km Wadi Rum Challenge

Cherie ABF

We are proud to announce that our Managing Director will be undertaking the 100km Wadi Rum Challenge from 12th – 18th November in support of ABF The Soldier’s Charity.  

Cherie Coughlan, our Managing Director, is embarking on the 4-day trek in the magnificent landscape of Wadi Rum, Jordan. The challenge involves trekking between 22 – 25 km daily, weaving through old shepherd paths, desert wadis and mountains.  

Wadi Rum is home to several Bedouin tribes, and part of the challenge is to experience the Bedouin culture and cuisine along with wild camping under the desert skies. The climax of the trek is exploring the ancient city of Petra, the spectacular jewel of Jordan’s history that dates back to 300BC.  

The ABF The Soldiers Charity, formerly known as the Army Benevolent Fund, is a national organisation that was first established in 1944 and is responsible for providing financial, emotional and practical support to those within the veteran community and their families.  

Funding from this trip and similar fundraising efforts are undertaken to increase awareness of the charity and expand the reach of its services. The charity hopes to ensure that all soldiers, veterans and their immediate families have the opportunity to avoid hardship and enjoy independence after leaving the forces, and continue to support those coping with sudden bereavement or traumatic loss. 

Involved in that support is help with housing, education and employment training for soldiers and veterans of all ages. Last year, the charity helped over 60,000 people in 63 countries around the world, including current service members, former soldiers and their families. 

Cherie Coughlan, our Managing Director, said:  

“I am very excited to be a part of the Wadi Rum Challenge later this year in support of ABF The Soldier’s Charity. My preparation has started and I am looking forward to facing the trek head-on. It is an honour to support such a great cause as the work they do within the veteran community can transform the lives of so many veterans and their families. If anyone can spare a few pounds, I am currently taking donations and every penny counts!”  


Support Cherie 

The trip is being self-funded by Cherie, so any donation money raised will go directly to the charity. You can support Cherie by donating to her Just Giving page that you can access here: 

Her target for fundraising is £1,000, so any donations are greatly welcomed and will be going to a great cause.  

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