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Proud to unveil our rebrand and slew of new hires following a successful 2021

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coregenic staff

We are excited to unveil a series of positive announcements including new hires, a new office and a rebrand amid growth and expansion plans as we celebrate our fifth anniversary.

The three new hires span business development, accounts and construction. We enjoyed rapid growth in 2021 as companies sought assistance in dealing with the complex workplace challenges of managing the risk of COVID-19. Now, with the help of the new recruits, we aim to double our turnover again in 2022.

Laura Wheeler, who previously worked for Imtech Waste Water & Energy, will focus on managing commercial contracts and accounts. Karen Todd, formerly of Thrive Group Wales, will drive business development and our growth strategy. James Coughlan joins as a site supervisor in the construction side of the business.

In addition to the new hires, we have made a significant investment in re-branding. We launched our new website in 2022, and will be introducing an integrated booking form and calendar function in the future to cope with the volume of enquiries. We have also moved to an alternative headquarters in Neath Abbey, taking additional space to accommodate our new staff.

Our recent additional growth has been driven by many companies and their directors seeking specialist advice around how to handle COVID protocols and legislation. This has complemented the growth that we were already experiencing as more companies sought professional advice around increasingly complex regulations around health & safety and environmental standards.

Cherie Coughlan, our Managing Director, said:

“This past year was incredibly promising; we saw a huge influx of enquiries for our services, and that trend has also continued at an increased rate since returning to work in 2022. It’s fantastic to be in a place where we can increase our workforce, and with that, being able to have a dedicated office in Neath was a significant moment for us as we aim to aid more businesses in the future.”

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